After working on my computer for nearly a week with little to no sleep, and a playlist that kept me company as much as possible, I discovered what it was I disliked about the remake.

As a writer, I also work as an editor, and part of my job is to take a persons post when they gave it to me. It's my job to read through it- tell them what's good, what sucks, what is irrelevant and how to fix it.

In many cases I'll start by correcting all of their bad grammar. Then, I'll remove the parts that are unnecessary. Next I might re-arrange some of their work, to make it flow better And I'll polish it off by giving it some style, like referencing music.

Well, in the Insomniac's Cut, that's exacty what I do. Something about this movie bugged me. I felt like it had potential, but it just made me feel like I was lost in a maze when I watched it. So much of it was identical to the original, whilst all the rest was trying to be something all of it's own, but wasnt quite sure what that was...

So, I did my edit. I cut out about 30 minutes and turned it into a relevant, linear followed kind of plot that keeps everything good about the movie (for my take) and ditches everything that made us roll our eyes and nearly fall asleep while watching it.

I wish I could do more for the film, but in this case, you work with what you got. I'm simply an editor. I'd love to re-cast and go out and film other things, but that just isn't possible. I've worked with the footage I had in order to give it this edit and feel of fan-fincton. This tells a story all of it's own, and hopefully makes the film tolerable.

So here it is, Nightmare fans. The Insomniac's Cut.

NOES insomnoa