Nightmares ascension
"If you can imagine it, You can achieve it. If you can dream it, You can become it." -William Arthur Ward

Nightmares: Ascension is an original fanfilm by Insomnia Quentin.

based in reality, revolving around a bunch of horror fanatics who tap into the original basis for the Nightmare on elm street films, and in doing so unlock a fear-demon that preys on them and kills them in their dreams, taking the form of the character Freddy Krueger to toy with their minds.

Based on characters created by and an idea inspired by Wes Craven Title: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Ascension Story: A group of young adults begin feeding their fear and power into some sort of a night terror, a dream demon, the idea that something really is lurking in their nightmares, hunting them and trying to kill them. Sleeping is now a very freaky risk to take. The mind is a weapon. It can act as a power. It can also be a very dangerous enemy. If one believes in something strong enough, it gains enough power to become real. The kids are fans of such series of books and movies that deal with nightmares or night terrors, most noticeably the nightmare on elm street series, feeling relative to the characters within the series. But who would be which character? What role is required of each of them to play? The dream demon appears as "Freddy" in shape, because that's where they are directing all their fear. If there is a sort of dream demon, this is how they expect him to look. If they believe in him enough, the fear can lead to real pain, and real death. With no where else to turn, they must rely on each others support and strengths to gain the power to take the energy from this nightmare fiend away from it. But they are growing weaker, and shorter in numbers. Their bodies are slowly crashing and their minds are forced to tread in the demons realm. Lucid dreaming is something they must master in order to survive. The demon Freddy grows stronger with every life he claims. Will they have what it takes to defeat the demon, or will their paranoia overpower them before it can reach ultimate ascension? But is it all real, or is it all in their minds? Is it merely a phantasm, or is it as real as they believe it to be? I have a bad feeling that somewhere in the darkness, something evil is smiling, as it waits for the next dreamer to wander in. Basis from: Think of it as a take off from New Nightmare, where as in (our world) the Elm Sreet films exist and Freddy is a known character. Realistically, people do have nightmares and there are always cases where people suffer from demonic obsession and hauntings. Wes Craven himself got the idea for he Nightmare movies from a series of real life articles; "In the middle of the night they heard these horrendous screams and crashings and they ran in and he’s thrashing on the bed. They ran to him and by the time they got to him he was dead. They did an autopsy on him and there was nothing physically wrong with him. And I just thought: “My God.” Sources: treet

Kids were afraid to sleep because something in their dreams literally was stalking, tormenting, and aiming to kill them. In a lot of the cases, it succeeded. Wes Craven gave this nightmare fiend a name, and burnt face; Freddy Krueger.

So, alike in New Nightmare, where it's less Freddy and more just a nightmare entity that has taken a keen interest in the Freddy character form, and Heather as an actress has to reclaim her character as Nancy from the film to battle the dream demon in this form, this idea comes from me as a fan, suffering insomnia, paranoia, and reoccurring nightmares of my very own.

Do I believe Freddy exists? Of course not, he's just a character. "Freddy Krueger" is a completion of a few different things: The song "Dream Weaver," A bully Wes knew in school named Krug, a creepy old man who Wes saw as a kid who generally got off on scaring him, and what Wes thought a real monster was; a child molster and murderer. ( So if Wes craven saw this dream fiend, this nightmare entity, thats the crispy face he would see it as. Freddy is his nightmare.

But I have had nightmares of a black mist, some kind of entity that seems sadistic, and haunts my dreams, and seems to get off on tormenting me. I'm very serious. In my dreams I tell myself to wake up, but it doesn't let me. Thats my idea.. what if these kids in the story only see a black mist because their own minds don't know what to see it as yet? or what if its taking its time, searching their minds for what they fear most?

Now, for story purposes, what if in this real yet fictional world, there were an entire group of kids suffering from this condition, and they began to relate it back to the elm street films, and to Freddy in particular? Like, one of them suggests the thing in their nightmare is like a more extreme version of Freddy? So that black mist takes the shape and likeness of Freddy... but far less comical, and much more evil. A morbid sense of humor if anything, like honestly chuckling from tormenting them, getting off on playing with their blood. and began stalking them, the way the character does in the films?

If their imaginations and fears brought it to life, only they can stop it.

What could they do? What could you do?

If the case called for it, how willing would you be to take the role of Nancy?


I was thinking, based on my own personal nightmares maybe a sort of way to defeat nightmares is to give that entity a shape with your mind, imagine it to be something easy to defeat. something weak. the problem is, if it has an awareness, it could read your mind and take the shape of something you're really afraid of, as a way to make you fear it more, as a means to gain strength and overpower you

I find the best way to tackle nightmares is the same way to get through any issue, which is to confront it directly and fight it with every ounce of willpower you have.

so say.. what if fear really did give this thing its power. what if, enough people honestly believed in some kind of entity, if it could become real? and what if like, a bunch of kids had the same fear. like, what if a group of kids were having the same kind of fear and one of them joked "its kind of like freddy." and then they all start agreeing, its like a more extreme version of freddy? and then, because they all start imagining it enough, something like a berserk version of Freddy is the shape the demonic entity chooses to take? next thing you know these kids think they're in a real life nightmare on elm street

its like their minds and imaginations ultimately have the power to weaken and defeat this thing. but, at the same time, it can be their worst enemy. it can be read like a slate by this demonic force and take the shapes of whatever their afraid of most, the shapes that they fear so badly that they wont be able to tell themselves its fake, not real, can be defeated. they succumb to their own paranoia and just cower, become weak, and vulnerable to be defeated.

the way i always saw things like haunting or obsession and possession is, whatever is on the other side, desperately wants to get out, and come back to this side. sort of like the demons in movies. most of those things are based on real cases of recorded demons who are hellbent on destruction and chaos, and disorder, anarchy. its pure evil and just wants to escape in order to bring its rage from its side of the world, to this side.

Like one, it claimed to be pure evil because of war, that was its claim for proof of existence. it laughed that people were destroying each other, that's what it found humorous.

Its kind of scary too because it plays so much on reality even though it IS just fiction. its fiction within fiction that becomes reality to the characters because they believe enough in it. what if we as readers of the story started thinking on the subject too much and ended up paranoid and believing it could actually be happening to us too?


"He's here in our time and space. So he's trying to cross over, from film into our reality. "

References from the Scripts:

A Nightmare on Elm Street:

GLEN You ever read about the Balinese way of dreaming? They got a whole system they call 'dream skills'. So, if you have a nightmare, for instance like falling, right? Instead of screaming and getting nuts, you say, okay, I'm gonna make up my mind that I fall into a magic world where I can get something special, like a poem or song. They get all their art literature from dreams. Just wake up and write it down. Dreamskills.

NANCY And what if they meet a monster in their dream? Then what?

GLEN They turn their back on it. Takes away its energy, and it disappears.

NANCY What happens if they don't do that?

GLEN I guess those people don't wake up to tell what happens.

NANCY Great.



I know you're there, Krueger.

She turns and faces him.

FREDDY You think you was gonna get away from me?

NANCY I know you too well now, Freddy

KRUEGER smiles bitterly, sadist. Coming closer.

FREDDY And now you die...

There's a SLICKERING RATTLE at his side, and he raises the only thing on him not charred -- the gleaming steel talons.

NANCY simply shakes her head again, as if seeing a light at the . end of her long, long tunnel. And the way she says the words, they might be appearing on the inside of her eyes.

NANCY It's too late, Krueger. I know the secret now -- this is just a dream, too -- you're not alive -- the whole thing is a dream -- so fuck off! I want my mother and friends again.

KRUEGER grins insanely, confused and amused at the same time.

FREDDY You what?

NANCY (even, firm) I take back every bit of energy I ever gave you. You're nothing. You're shit.

And then she turns her back on him. KRUEGER bunches his fingers, producing a single ragged bundle of razor talons and raises his hand over the back of her head and neck.

MUSIC BUILDS then SHRIEKS as KRUEGER stabs down, right through NANCY -- as if she were an optical illusion -- loosing his balance and falling down, down, down... And he's gone.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare:

HEATHER I thought you killed Freddy off.

BOB We did. Bad Mistake. The fans are clamoring for more. So, Evil never dies, right? Believe it or not, Wes told me I hadn't heard from him in ten years because he hasn't had any good nightmares. They're his inspiration.

HEATHER Well at least tell me what it's about so far.

WES I can tell you what the nightmares are about. They're about this entity, whatever you want to call it. It's old, very old, and it's taken different forms in different times. The only thing that stays the same about it is what it lives for.

HEATHER What's that?

WES Killing innocence, one way or the other.

HEATHER Then, in this nightmare, does this thing have any weaknesses?

WES It can be captured sometimes. By storytellers, of all things. Every so often, they imagine a story good enough to catch its essence Then it's held prisoner for awhile, in the story.

HEATHER Like a Genie in the bottle?

WES Exactly. The problem comes when the story dies. It happens a lot of different ways, the story gets too familiar, or too watered down by people trying to make it easier to sell, or it's labeled a threat to society and just plain banned. However it happens, when the story dies, the evil is set free.

HEATHER You saying Freddy is this ancient thing?

WES No, just the current version. For ten years, he's been imprisoned as "Freddy" by the story of Nightmare on Elm street. But now the film save stopped. The Genie's out of the bottle. That's what the nightmares are about.

HEATHER So if Freddy, or this Entity is loose, where's he going to go? Another age, another form?

WES Well see, he's gotten used to being Freddy now, he kinda likes it. He's here in our time and space. So he's trying to cross over, from film into our reality.

Freddy Vs. Jason:

"Trapped in Hell when the authorities of Springwood manage to erase all evidence of his existence and thus the fear that gives him his power."

Conversations that started it all: Convos: TheGrimRejoice 4:31 pm xD yeah, and Mark from FvsJ. Oh, shit man ...ii need you send you what i wrote up the other day how familiar are you with New Nightmare (NOEs7) ClockworkOccult 4:32 pm It was basically the first Freddy movie I saw his whole face in, as he was just a faceless character to me, actually. xD Ive seen it a few times, so Im pretty well known with it. TheGrimRejoice 4:32 pm that film is kind of like, what i have this new story for. TheGrimRejoice 4:33 pm see, ive been having these nightmares lately. i think my fear has been growing for like, fear itself, what fea is made of, something of a being like IT is for example. in my dream, theres this black mist with eyes, lurking over me. and i have the feeling, like IT, it's trying to read my mind, trying to take a shape of something im afraid of. and i cant move, but i tell myself im dreaming, i tell myself not to give into the fear. and thus, it cant take any shape. now oiginally, this is what wes craven was reading about when he got the idea for freddy. real kids, real dreams, real night terrors. something in their dreams were so fed by their own fear that it became real enough to literally scare them to death. Wes thought, what would this shape be? he gave it a face, a man that haunted him whenhe was a younger. a name, a bully named Krug from his old school, and a few other added ingrediants.. and you have Freddy. now, here is my idea. TheGrimRejoice 4:35 pm what if a bunch of kids were here, like in our own world (think of it more as like, the world Heather was in, in new nightmare. where, the nightmare series existed as films.) they were all having these dreams, night terrors, some kind of demonic entity that is trying to gain fear from them. the group joking says, "so like, the elm street movies? so if we imagined freddy, then freddy could come and kill is?" ... starting as a joke, its something all the kids begin to get paranoid about. what if? what if there was this like more realistic, extreme, fucking bezerke freddy shape that really could stalk their dreams? and really hurt them. TheGrimRejoice 4:37 pm "fear gives him his power" .. the more the kids fear, the more they believe its true, their paranoia overwhelms them, the more he becomes real. the more this freddy entity dream demon and nightmare fiend can do damage, ultimately killing them, and gaining strength as to what it really whats to do. cross over into this world by means of demonic possession. it lives for chaos, fueld by fear, hate and rage. it wants to unleash this anarchy into our world. so the kids begin thinking, how do they defeat freddy in the movies? but then it takes a twist... they learn that they themselves might be relating, and even becoming characters from the series, and are forced to re-live certain nightmare scenes in order to wake up alive. Transfer complete: Acension.rtf 4:39 pm TheGrimRejoice 4:39 pm this is a file i compiled, it explains it a bit better and has references. ClockworkOccult 4:39 pm Alright, awesome. TheGrimRejoice 4:41 pm but just like in the 7th film, the thing heather'nancy fights.. its not freddy. its a demonic entity that has taken freddy's shape, because it senses that its one that she fears. and because it is trying to recreate her movie, shes forced to become nancy, her character, in order to beat it. ClockworkOccult 4:41 pm Well I sure as hell aint being Jess >_< TheGrimRejoice 4:41 pm now this could work, if you overcome your fear, you can make it go away. but the more kids it kills, the more powerful it becomes, the harder it is to make it go away. in FvsJ, Mark tries to tell himself hi snightmare isnt real .. but freddy is powerful by this point, and it really IS happening. so its like...well, fuck. the only way to beat him would be to come together, to use all our minds as one weapon. the way nancy does in part 1, she takes away freddy's energy. wont be easy though. like in SK's IT, fear it enough, believe it enough, the more real it becomes. ClockworkOccult 5:16 am xD Sounds like a sequel to six 'Every town has an elm street' Now Freddy is fucking international. TheGrimRejoice 5:16 am lmao see thats why i like this idea i've conjured up. where, anyone can have dreams. freddy is just a character so there doesnt have to be this special connection or relation to someone involved or any of that shit. its just a bunch of overly paranoid kids all feeding into the fear of this idea of a dream demon, who in their minds, is like a bezerke version of freddy ClockworkOccult 5:17 am But thats ike... not the point of Freddy then ~like ClockworkOccult 5:18 am He's not just 'Some dream demon'. he's a vengeful fucker. Why even give him a past at all then? TheGrimRejoice 5:18 am exactly, its more like how freddy is in part 7. we know he's just a character, but a demon itself with his shape and whatever power you fear it might be able to have. ClockworkOccult 5:20 am Its like giving Freddy from 7 a past, it's useless because he's just... a figure, not REALLY the fictional Freddy. he's a created force. TheGrimRejoice 5:20 am whats freaky about the idea that im going off of is, i mean, in a lot of cases, it IS actually true. i have had nightmares of a bezerker freddy, i knew it wasnt robert englund in make up, it was something just.. fucking evil. and, shit like that really can happen. if you sit in a dark room and start thinking about creepy thoughts, you're gonna end up creeping yourself out. ClockworkOccult 5:20 am I do that shit every night >_< TheGrimRejoice 5:21 am and, if you're in a dream, whatever you think about is likely to pop up. so thinking about creepy shit, thats feeding fear into whatever nghtmare you're about to have. and the more fear you feed it, the more powerful it becomes. now, this is where we start crossing a line of reality and fantasy. because only in the freddy movie do the things in your dreams that can hurt you actually do hurt you, right? .... right?? TheGrimRejoice 5:22 am thats where it gets a bit scary... if you believed enough, fed into this fear, made it as real as your paranoia thinks it might be... what if it did become real? the kids in south asia where Wes got his ideas for NOES originally... thats what killed them. their autopsies showed nothing wrong with them. they literally were like, scared to death of sleeping, of something waiting for them in their dream. and then they died in their sleep. thats 100% true, and that what scares the fuck out of me. if im sitting here thinking of my worst fears, mixed with this kind of knowledge, whats to stop some kind of demon dream force from becoming real enough to harm me? TheGrimRejoice 5:25 am my defense of this, is the story im working on. i know telling myself not to believe it is the key, but telling yourself something and making yourself actually be convinced of it, they're two different things. so im hoping with writing this story, i can find the answers im looking for. but kind of like wes' character AS wes in new nightmare, he had to write the script to see where it took him. this isnt a story that i already have in mind. all i have is a concept. the story has to write itself. TheGrimRejoice 5:27 am and i mean, im not worried that freddy is gonna come get me. freddy is just a created character. whats got my anxiety on the fritz is, wondering what that thing that can take the shape of the character is gonna be when it comes to me. so far, its just been a black mist. but i can feel eyes on me. like its trying to pry inside my mind. and transform into whatever im afraid of, like IT can. in this case, if my mind is the power, i can use it as a weapon. but its also my worst enemy. its my mind conjuring this bitch up... this thing thus knows my mind and knows my weaknesses. and if i dont find Its weaknesses before it finds mine, then i honestly fear i might not be waking up one of these days. TheGrimRejoice 5:29 am so thats why im up now. i want to write as much as possible. i dont want to go in blindfolded. i want as much knowledge and power as i can possibly have, so i can face this entity head fucking on. Lol creepy shit huh? its like i dont even know whats real anymore. ClockworkOccult 5:30 am Thats the insomnia! >_< TheGrimRejoice 5:30 am aye, and with insomnia, nothing seems real. ClockworkOccult 5:31 am Says The Narrator who's flipping through television channels. xD TheGrimRejoice 5:31 am xD seriously. ive been reading my fucking ass off on dream powers, lucid dreaming... TheGrimRejoice 5:31 am demonic obsession and shit. ClockworkOccult 5:40 am But she doesnt get butt hurt over everything xD TheGrimRejoice 5:40 am amen xD ClockworkOccult 5:40 am And when shes on her period, shes actually HUMAN and not a cunt. xDDD Im amazed. TheGrimRejoice 5:41 am you know a chick is cool when, you cant tell when shes actually on her period or not Lol TheGrimRejoice 5:43 am arielle was the most honest chick i knew. she was like "i wont lie, periods do hurt. it feels like someone taking a hot blade and twisting it in your guts over and over, but slowly. though chicks lie when they use it as an excuse to be a bitch. they're bitches anyway, that just gives them what they think is a good reason to annoy the fuck out of us all." ClockworkOccult 5:44 am Amen, and now they have cramp pills for that shit. My girlfriend takes them, an they go away in 20 mins. No biggie. lol TheGrimRejoice 5:45 am yeah, midol works wonders. if they're still bitching about that then they're just doing it for attention. its like you know what hun? youre not the only one having cramps and bleeding like a stuck pig, you should see my fuckin rectum after the turd i birthed today. ClockworkOccult 5:45 am XDDDDD Oh the irish<333 TheGrimRejoice 5:45 am xDDD ClockworkOccult 5:45 am We are a wonderous race. TheGrimRejoice 5:45 am was that funny or not, my minds too fucked up to tell right now ClockworkOccult 5:46 am xD It was. TheGrimRejoice 5:46 am xD sweet ClockworkOccult 5:47 am oi, im heading for breakfast this morning. I have like... about three or four more hours to go. you're staying with me xD TheGrimRejoice 5:49 am im too wired to sleep, too fearful to be honest lol... its like, saying theres a black mist with eyes doesnt sound scary. but to see it, to feel it watching you .. if icould make others achieve that. the goosebump feeling and cold chills down the spine of being stalked, or the the precense of something that could really fuck you up .. that what my dreams are like right now ClockworkOccult 5:50 am are you sure you're asleep when you see it? TheGrimRejoice 5:50 am well see thats the thing. do you know about sleep paralysis? ClockworkOccult 5:51 am aye. TheGrimRejoice 5:52 am basically, sleep paralysis is when our bodies and minds are playing, catch-up, if you will. its like our minds wake up, but our bodies are still in sleep mode. the result is, we cant move. we're aware and believe we're awake, but we cant fucking move. TheGrimRejoice 5:52 am well that happens to me. all the time. and the problem is, instead of just playing catch-up ... im half in, half out. im laying in my bed, i know im in my bed, i know im awake.. but im still seeing things the way i do in my dreams. im telling myself, wake up, wake up, but its still lurking over me. getting closer to me. almost like it wants me to take it with it out of the dream world. this is why im afraid of the dark. its what i cant see that scares the shit out of me. it could be anything. ClockworkOccult 5:54 am it could be IT. TheGrimRejoice 5:55 am it really could be. what stephen king and wes craven have in common is, they relate fear back to being dependant on the individal person. they give it their own shapes, clowns or freddy, or even have it morph into other things... but they always relate it back to something the person with the fear would be most fearful of. spirits, polter ... oh fuck me. yeah as im writing this the table begins to shake. awesome. ahem. TheGrimRejoice 5:57 am spirits, poltergiests ... demons. monsters, if we want to go that far. the thing they all have in common, rather they really do exist or not, is that, its our fear, our belief that they might, that they could, that gives them the ability to be. a skeptic is gonna be a skeptic. but im willing to bet they even have somethng to fear. may not be the boogeyman, but it might be something more realistic. something this entity could know about. next thing you know, they're having dreams of like a massive flood or maybe something a little as even just having a heart attack. not all monsters have faces. TheGrimRejoice 5:59 am wild fires, floods, any kind of disaster... that could be considered a form of a monster, evil incarnate to some people and i mean, those really do occur. even a skeptic of the supernatural or paranormal has to have fears of those types of events. shit that can happen and will. ClockworkOccult 6:01 am Aye, very true. TheGrimRejoice 6:02 am either way, dreams are often based on our daily thoughts, no matter how subtle a passing wonder may be. and nightmares come from our fears. there is no such thing as a fearless person. even if one claims to be living a life without fear, i can almost promise you what they fear comes after life. when they have no more control. what comes next? they fear what is unknown. De Trashmouth 6:04 am lmao but anywya... thats what scares me, to be honest. anxiety, fear itself. not so much what an entity is, but what it could become. our imaginations have no limitations. the possibilities expand as far as we can fear them. ClockworkOccult 6:06 am yeah, true. TheGrimRejoice 6:07 am not fearing is the ultimate defense. but, easier said than fucking done. even if its just a dream, just our imaginations conjuring it up. lets make it real. say you're scared of spiders, and you have a big one, a poisonous one, crawling on you. ClockworkOccult 6:08 am I would cry heavily. TheGrimRejoice 6:08 am exacrly.. can one honestly just say "dont fear" and up and suddenly not be terrified of your phobia just that simply? fuck no. TheGrimRejoice 6:08 am it takes great will power. total control. and thats what makes it more difficult. even if the entity in your dream senses you did defeat the fear of one thing, like say a spider, it could read your mind and try something else. take the form of another thing that scares you, maybe even more or worse than the last. ClockworkOccult 6:10 am Scorpian >_> or however the fuck you spell it. TheGrimRejoice 6:10 am aye >_< which is why its so fun living in florida. when i first got here one of the signs said "always check your shoes for spiders and scorpions before you put them on. its like.. oh... awesome. ClockworkOccult 6:11 am XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD TheGrimRejoice 6:11 am i presume these little buggers are for you what spiders are for me Lol ClockworkOccult 6:11 am I saw a Bark or a Guiana Striped one, one time. TheGrimRejoice 6:12 am now see.. here is a perfect test. remember earlier i said, go into a dark room and think scary thoughts, and you will start getting creepy feelings? try and sit here reading about these fuckers, and not feel like you suddenly have something creeping up your legs. TheGrimRejoice 6:13 am suddenly its like you can feel every nerve ending of ever last hair on your whole body and if just one of them even feel close to being touched its like, AHHH GET IT OFF ME! xD ClockworkOccult 6:13 am I KNOW RIGHT!? I always feel it on my shoulders or on my arms xD De Trashmouth 6:15 am exactly. does that mean theres something really on you? no. but, the anxiety starts to rise of, "well, they may not be on me, but they could be ... i should be careful.' and then, it becomes "well fuck, they could be around me, waiting to crawl up me." .. thats paranoia. then theres "fuck, fuck fuck, fuck, fuck!" ... brink of insanity. you're officially fearful. go to sleep that night, i can almost gaurentee what kind of dream you'll wake up screaming about. and thats something too, without kat here, i dont know if ive been waking up screaming or not lately. ClockworkOccult 6:15 am >_< NO THANKS XD TheGrimRejoice 6:16 am Lol but see, its already started. even though it was only briefly mentioned, your mind just took a mental note of it. you can even completely forget about it and do a million things today, but yur mind will save that in its own little fear box, for your sleep. our minds are great weapns, but they're also our worst enemies. ClockworkOccult 6:17 am Oi, tell me about it >_< Happens to me all the time. TheGrimRejoice 6:17 am its almost like, your mind putting you up to a challenge. saying, you can avoid me all day, but now we're sleeping, you have no where to run. you will face your fear, now. and unless you can convince yourself you're not scared, that you're not the weak one.. that the fear is weak, and can be defeated, well ... some people dont wake up to tell otherwise. De Trashmouth 6:15 am exactly. does that mean theres something really on you? no. but, the anxiety starts to rise of, "well, they may not be on me, but they could be ... i should be careful.' and then, it becomes "well fuck, they could be around me, waiting to crawl up me." .. thats paranoia. then theres "fuck, fuck fuck, fuck, fuck!" ... brink of insanity. you're officially fearful. go to sleep that night, i can almost gaurentee what kind of dream you'll wake up screaming about. and thats something too, without kat here, i dont know if ive been waking up screaming or not lately. ClockworkOccult 6:15 am >_< NO THANKS XD TheGrimRejoice 6:16 am Lol but see, its already started. even though it was only briefly mentioned, your mind just took a mental note of it. you can even completely forget about it and do a million things today, but yur mind will save that in its own little fear box, for your sleep. our minds are great weapns, but they're also our worst enemies. ClockworkOccult 6:17 am Oi, tell me about it >_< Happens to me all the time. TheGrimRejoice 6:17 am its almost like, your mind putting you up to a challenge. saying, you can avoid me all day, but now we're sleeping, you have no where to run. you will face your fear, now. and unless you can convince yourself you're not scared, that you're not the weak one.. that the fear is weak, and can be defeated, well ... some people dont wake up to tell otherwise. De Trashmouth 6:28 am lol thats the one thing about the elm street films. each has its own way of defeating him in the end. whose to say any of that shit would work with real fears? fucking holy water would probably be the only solid weapon to be totally honest. and, if you dont have faith in that working.. then it probably wouldnt. thats why the kids in IT use silver, they had absolute belief that it would work. and it did.

okay so, it focuses on a mark davis kind of character, hes paranoid and obsessive about krueger and spends most of his waking hours studying about dreams. unlike in the films, these kids dreams are more realistic, anything is possible, none of them can control them, lucid dream takes effort. the character like the others are on hypnocil, but is starting to show signs of being on too much of it, which can lead to being in a coma and thus, being trapped in a dream, a nightmare realm where freddy can torture you all he wants without having to kill you, its his playground. running short on time, the kid thinks he can beat freddy if he faces his fears, and has been reading up on dreamcatchers being incorperated into dreams to create a barrier for protection. but while he accidentally day dreams, freddy scares him enough to cause him to slip and crack his head on the floor (think what happens to Stokley in the faculty, when she faceplants and blood just starts gushing out of her.) now trapped in a dream, he puts a barrier up successfully, preventing freddy from getting to him. this angers him, but also begins to make his twisted wheels turn ...what if he can offer this kid a deal? obviously freddy will never get him now that he can do this... so he says, "your soul for theirs. make them sleep and i'll leave you alone forever." ... and he accepts. that night, he switches out the other patients hypnocil with hardcore fucking sedatives, causing them all to sleep and dream being unable to awaken. the kid will find himself betrayed however, as freddy finds a way around the barrier, making subtle suggestions to him. like "you fear me? what if i were in there with you .. and you'd be trapped. think about that." and the kid lets his fears overwhelm him, imagining freddy being within the barrier. but nothing happens. he thinks hes safe... then freddy pops up behind him... you hear a mixture of screaming and laughter as blood begins spraying around the room. Amelia Apocalypse 12:44 am >.> thats creepy Amelia Apocalypse 12:44 am kind of like your character in our old westin rp Guardian Castiel 12:46 am basically the other dreams would find him pretty much dead, but kind of like that shot in ginger snaps 2 where the girls eye moves xD he turns out to be just enough alive to try apologizing to the others, and to tell them about the dream barriers as a possible way to beat him. like, if the all focused hard enough, they could lock him in a barrier. i think my character would be aware that theres no really killing freddy ... hes already dead. you kill him, he just reappears in the nightmare realm,thats his own personal hell. but, what about trapping him? Amelia Apocalypse 12:49 am yeah Guardian Castiel 12:49 am fighting him or killing him never stays for long.. he always comes back. its going off the fear that gives him his power kind of deal, and that one line the kid has in part 4 "did you ever thin that going back in might stir him up again?" xD i love that line. theres even a ghostbusters episode that has that plot, about focusing too much on negative enegry and entites restores its power. so they would all have to come together to force freddy into a dream barrier, each of them putting their focusing on it to keep the walls strong and to lock him in forever.. but if just ONE of them fears freddy again, even for a second.. it could open just a crack large enough in the barrier for him to sneak out again. Amelia Apocalypse 12:49 am I think like... even if he was trapped it wouldnt hold very long Guardian Castiel 12:49 am exactly Amelia Apocalypse 12:50 am yeah and like theres always gonna be one kid all "but what if he escapes...?" and thats enough to bring the fear back and give him a foothold out of the barrier Guardian Castiel 12:50 am theres no way to ever really stop something that evil. freddy is like, a disease with no cure. it can be managed overtime but death is the only way to stop it, really xD but yeah, exactly Amelia Apocalypse 12:51 am and I always thought it would be cool to do something with the coma kids in fvj <_< like if freddy just kept toying with them because he knew they wouldnt ever wake up Guardian Castiel 12:51 am that'd be keeping with the theme of "okay, we got him. he may not be dead, but he'll be trapped in the barrier we created for eternity. living eternally isnt so fun when you're stuck in a box the whole time. but, he'd always be scratching at the surface, trying to find a way out. and he knows just one of them is all its gnna take to scratch his way out. exactly haha Amelia Apocalypse 12:51 am and it'd like always feed him with fear Guardian Castiel 12:52 am thats whats happening to one of my characters now, he got knocked out and at first was just like "ow. that sucked.." but then he turns around and sees his unconscious body on the ground and is just like "...oh shit... im fucking knocked out." the other characters are too pussy to go in and get him xD fuckers. the one girl tried smelly salt but it didnt work Amelia Apocalypse 1:11 am I just had a weird idea <.< Guardian Castiel 1:11 am sup Amelia Apocalypse 1:11 am kind of like... au freddy stuff Guardian Castiel 1:13 am au? Amelia Apocalypse 1:13 am kind of like an alternate universe idea >.> just because its not really related to anything in the series Amelia Apocalypse 1:14 am but like... if freddy is a dream demon then other shit could exist...just not in your face crap Guardian Castiel 1:14 am oh xD yeah im always up on a different take on it. Amelia Apocalypse 1:14 am It was in that moment, that brief bit of time when you slip between consciousness and sleep, that she noticed him. A silent form grew from the shadows and towered over her. This figure was somehow terribly slim, despite the layers of robes that hung from its frame. Its ink black eyes stared emotionlessly as its hand reached out above her forehead. It struck her then, she wasn’t sure how, but she knew who it was. “Please don’t… he’s going to kill me.” She murmured, now unable to move her body as it was already under the command of something else. “I am aware.” It said in a soft and neutral tone. “Can’t you stop him?” She asked, her voice cracking in a plea. “It is not my place.” Its voice rang out against the darkness once more. With that it opened its palm and turned it over, letting bits of sand drift down over her eyes, and she knew that her fate was sealed. Tonight she would face the dream demon again, and this time there was no escape.