This page will show you what Original Character's we allow.

some have been lifted and edtied from other shows or movies in order to fit into the RPG, which is fine!



Arnie Braydon Dandridge was just a kid who was out on his luck, doing a stupid drive-acorss country whis folks. Little did he know that he and Springwood shared a past that had been dea and buried foe nearly ten years.

Played by Dan Byrd

Josh-zuckerman (1)


Brandon Zippy Grimes

Zippy here has been a character I've had around since 2003! He esecially whas who I was back in 2003, an ADD spastic Richie-Tozier kin of character whos luck was never quite on his side. He lost a lot of friends, but has since refurfaced

Played by Josh Zuckerman

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Ian McKinley and Erin Ulmer

The two rebellous teenagers of the bunch, Local Goth Couple Ian and Erin

They are very specificl of anything besides hat it is realistic. Faith, Miracles, they all go hand to hand with bullshit to these kids. But just belueve doesn't don't believe in him, doesn't men he does't believe in them The closer these two tsick to together, ther better.

Played by Kris Lemche and Alekz Johnson

Mark Davis from FvsJ Westin Hills will appear in IC


Mark Davis

Played by Brendan Fletcher



Jamie bell 1270928992

Griffin Doyle of Ireland

Played by Jamie Belle.

Henry Evens

Played by Tom Sturiddge

Fright AYelchin


Dominik Oleksandir, a 'Russian from come Ukraine to America for stories and the studies, but found self in for much more 'than chew.'

Played by Anton Yelchindd

Walter Burke

Played by Aaron Johnson

Tate Landgon

S01E01 Evan Peters as Tate Langdon American Horror Story 6

Tate Langdon

Played by Even Peters