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Tobias Burke is called Moose (like how every biker gang from the 50's era had a random big guy named Moose.) Thus.

We're not really sure who played Moose in the movie, but speculate it could be: Greg Kuk ... Boy at the Party (uncredited) but, who knows for sure.

Is this existing, from another movie, or a brand new OC?: All of the above, technically speaking. He's in the movie, but we've given him his name and personality here.

Age: 19, Older than all the rest. Moose fails so hard, he flunked the no-child-left-behind program apparently. I don't think he as a character truly even knows himself, he just kept showing up after he was supposed to graduate.

Personalty: (Typo, no big) The character may have a face, but we only see him for a few moments. He appears to be the tall one, so he's likely a jock which means he's big on sports, food, and girls, but not much is going on upstairs. Still he is a fun and loyal friend. Most of his personality was actually stolen from another mongoloid kin of character from a different film, "Red State."

Brief Bio of who they are AS a person:
Tobias is not directly involved with the kids of NOES. He is what one might call a lucky-one. He is around, just not involved. He doesn't have nightmares. He's not even really irrelevant to the RPG himself, but can act as key in several scenes if his friends must rely on him, so that's why I'm here.

Moose is friends with Quentin Smith and Jesse Braun, presumably because he has money to spend on them.